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30mm Aluminium Extrusion

Extrusion sizes available: 3030 | 3045 | 3060 | 306060 | 30R45 | 30R60 | 30R90

Slots: 6mm | 8mm

The 30mm range is available in a wide range of aluminium 3030 square profile and aluminium 3060 rectangle profiles, as well as L-shaped 306060 and 45˚/60˚/90˚ radial profiles. 30mm aluminium extrusion is ideal for creating lightweight trollies, assemblies, enclosures, frames, workstations, sim racing equipment, and fish tank bases. 306060 profile can be used to build flow racks and showcases, whilst radial fittings can be used to create more aesthetic finishes to covers and outer framing..

30mm Aluminium Extrusion Range: