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45mm Extrusion

45mm Aluminium Extrusion

Extrusion sizes available: 4545 | 4560 | 4590 | 45180 | 45R30 | 45R45 | 45LR90

Slots:  10mm

The 45mm range is available in a wide range of aluminium 4545 square profile and aluminium 4590/45180 rectangle profiles, as well 30˚/45˚/90˚ radial profiles.  For high load applications, the 45mm aluminium extrusion provides a robust and stable structure for trollies, flow racks, assemblies, enclosures, frames, workstations, sim racing equipment, and fish tank bases. 

45mm Aluminium Extrusion Range:

45mm Caps and Covers (Please note your extrusion slot size when selecting caps and covers)