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5S Lean Principles

Flowstore & 5S Methodology

The first of the 5S Lean principles is the Japanese word Seiri or “Sorting” which involves organising the workplace; this includes the materials and tools needed to do daily tasks.

Next is Seiton or “Straighten” (or “Set in Order”) which is about making items easily accessible for use through orderly arrangement.

The third principle in the 5S system is Seiso or “Spick and Span” (or “Shining”). This refers to maintenance of the work area; keeping it clean and swept.

The fourth S is Seiketsu or “Systematise” which involves the consistency of work practices or operation.

Finally, Shitsuke or “Standardising” focuses on reviewing and maintaining standards, and ways to improve the process.

FlowStore Systems implements the 5S Lean principles as part of its continual improvement philosophy and manufacturing processes.


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