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About Flowstore

Since 1984 FlowStore Systems Ltd has continued to develop to meet new industry needs, offering top service in the supply of Lean manufacturing, engineering, production line and warehouse bespoke solutions. Our FlowTube modular system is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, automation, electronics and retail sectors. 

The Development of Lean Manufacturing Solutions


FlowStore Systems has been the only dedicated UK manufacturer of carton flow systems since 1984. The company has continued to develop as industrial needs have evolved greatly since then.  


In 1993 FlowStore also became the first UK company to use tubular construction systems originating from Japanese Kaizen and Lean manufacturing specialists. These can solve all kinds of Lean manufacturing storage, assembly and production line requirements, using steel and aluminium tubes, connecting joints, roller tracks and accessories. They permit great flexibility and re-usability.  


In 2005 FlowStore went into partnership with leading worldwide manufacturer G.S. Ace Industry Co. Ltd, our own brand FlowTube has grown to be a market leader across many industries. These include automotive, aerospace, automation, electronics, white goods, engineering and many others.

What Customers Are Saying

Meeting Future Needs

We don’t stand still…

We regularly review our products, making sure they are relevant to today’s environments and needs. When we spot changing requirements, we’ve never been afraid to update our offerings. That’s what keeps us relevant and motivated.  

What we don’t change is our commitment to reliability, service and quality.  

We now apply FlowStore Systems’ lean manufacturing experiences and techniques into some of the most advanced warehouse, distribution and manufacture operations in the UK – including Industry 4.0 – and have a growing presence in Belgium and The Netherlands.

International Top Brands Served By Flowstore