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Attention To Detail

Detailed Quality Designs

Good quality design is all in the detail. At FlowStore Systems our attention to detail means we always try to look deep within the application process so we can catch any unforeseen issues with any particular design.

From the big issues of carton flow and ergonomics, down to the finite details such as the impact to the operator with regards to label-holder positioning, no areas are overlooked.

All orders we receive for assembled solutions are reviewed on technical and commercial aspects, prior to manufacturing design being completed.

If necessary we’ll ask you for actual samples of goods, containers or parts, to ensure we understand the requirements and processes.

It’s no good assuming a car front bumper will retain its shape if it needs to be stored vertically – we test it. If an item needs to roll in a flow-rack, we’ll try it out to make sure your expectations are met. We hate being disappointed, and we try to ensure that you are not. If it won’t flow reliably, we’ll let you know.
Paying attention to detail is the key to our customer service.

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