The Building Blocks For Your
FlowTube Solutions

Simplicity drives FlowTube’s versatility in working with its tubes, components and accessories.  This allows process improvements to take a building block approach to create solutions that meet the company’smaterial flow requirements through using tubes and brackets based modules.

Aluminium Profile

Aluminium Profiles

FlowTube has a range of aluminium tubes from 28mm to 43mm diameter and a range of square profiles.  Aluminium offers the benefits of being lightweight yet still provide heavy duty performance. A wide range of accessories are available to create a custom solution that will deliver the right solution for your material flow processes.



FlowTube provides a wide range of castors to create lean and mobile flow racks, trolleys and workstations.  Castor mounts are easily attached to a FlowTube structure with a mount plate allowing you to design and build solutions suitable for the needs of your manufacturing and distribution processes.


Tube Brackets

FlowTube’s patented pyramidal grip on each bracket along with dovetail interlock make the bracket a key differentiator when choosing the right solution for a continuous improvement strategy.  The grip and dovetail interlock create a secure connection between the tubes making it more sturdy to heavy impacts and heavyweight loads.  To support continuous improvement strategies, the bracket can be undone, have new tubes added, and then tightened many times again and still have the same sturdy grip.

roller tracks

Roller Tracks

Roller tracks are a vital component in live carton flow systems, from the loading of gravity flow racks to conveyor systems moving stock through a warehouse or production facility.  Discover our range of standard, silent and curved tracks to meet your material flow requirements.


Karakuri Components

Karakuri solutions allow process teams to create electricity-free systems for continuous movement of material.  FlowTube product range has an extensive range of Karakuri specific components to help you design and build your bespoke automated solution.

Steel tubes

Steel Tubes

Steel tubes provide the strongest solution in the FlowTube range.  The steel range is available in 7 different diameters,  up to 19 colours to choose from and three coating options for different environments.



FlowTube’s wide range of accessories such as dunnage bags, galvanised steel trays, power bars and lighting allows you to customise your material flow solutions.

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