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The Building Blocks For Your
FlowTube Solutions

FlowStore FlowTube ‘Building Blocks’ are the range of core equipment assemblage components for industrial and commercial warehouse processes. Made according to lean manufacturing principles and aims, FlowTube building blocks are all durable, strong and easy to use. 

Customise your warehouse production equipment and structures with:

Aluminium Profile

Aluminium Profiles

Lightweight yet strong and durable. Resistant to corrosion and tarnish. Available in a range of diameters. Easy to assemble. (Square profiles also available).



A variety of custom castors for mobile flow racks, trolleys, and workstations with a variety of castors.


Tube Brackets

Patented pyramidal grips and dovetail interlocks ensure secure and sturdy connections. Designed to support heavy weights and withstand heavy impacts.

roller tracks

Roller Tracks

Roller track systems are available in a wide range of roller sizes and materials to suit from light to heavy duty applications

Other FlowTube components include:


Karakuri Components

Design and build bespoke automated solutions. Build electricity-free systems with a wide range of Karakuri components.

Steel tubes

Powder-coated Steel Tubes

The strongest and most cost-effective solution in the FlowTube profiles range – from top steel profile suppliers. Available in seven different diameters. 19 colours to choose from and three coating options for different environments



Customizable FlowTube accessories include dunnage bags, galvanized steel trays, power bars, and lighting. Lean manufacturing products to enhance the functionality of material flow solutions.

Elevate your manufacturing, storage and day-to-day operations with FlowTube building blocks.

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