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Business Ethics

Our Core Values

We set ourselves the highest standard of business ethics in our practices, decisions and conduct.

We have a culture of accountability, with our business relationships based on integrity and fairness.

An important part of our mission statement is the purpose of providing the products that will help our customers’ businesses to grow and prosper.

Underpinning our commercial activities are our corporate values.

These are demonstrated not only in written business ethics policies but also in practical application.


When you deal with FlowStore you can expect to be treated with honesty and respect – whether a customer, supplier, employee or neighbour.

We work to high levels of safety for our staff, suppliers and customers, and expect our products to meet similar standards.

Corporate Ethics

Our business ethics mean we also try to care for our environment and the community where we are based. The products we make and sell are aimed at reusability and in many instances can be recycled.

Together with our ethical company principles, we maintain these aspirations in our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Business Ethics and Staff Responsibility

As an Employee Ownership company, we value and encourage feedback from our staff.

Employees share in FlowStore’s commitment to ethical decision-making, high standards and environmental responsibility.

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