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Carton Flow Rack Systems

Carton Flow Racks From Converted Pallet Racks

Carton flow rack systems improve capacity for live storage and order picking.

Don’t have one? Too expensive? We have a fast, cost-effective lean manufacturing solution for you and your production line.

FlowStore offers an instant carton flow rack system through the conversion of pallet racks with FlowStore’s ‘DuraFlow D2’ – a live carton storage product that can be used to convert almost any pallet rack or long-span shelving system into a live storage carton flow racks system.

DuraFlow D2 converts pallet racks to flow racks with either standard GP35 roller tracks or heavy-duty Gp40 roller tracks, and the required aluminium profiles and connectors.


Live Carton Storage Systems for Maximum Flow Rack Efficiency.

FlowStore’s pallet live storage systems offer the latest in carton flow racks to maximise efficiency, production flow and warehouse distribution processes through the FIFO (First In, First Out) principle. This ensures that the oldest stock is automatically ‘ready to pick’ first.

Carton flow racks are essential pieces of materials handling equipment in any factory or warehouse operation. Used to maximise efficient, defect-free and cost-effective movement of materials and products at all stages of production, they make a crucial contribution to optimised production processes.

FlowStore’s DuraFlow D2 is the latest in custom materials handling solutions – designed and manufactured with you, the customer, in mind.

DF2 - flowrack

Strong Roller Tracks

DuraFLow DF2 is designed to give years of trouble-free service, and roller track sections have sturdy steel axles with reinforced polypropylene rollers. The rollers are fitted to pre-galvanised steel profiles for strength and rigidity.

Simple Flow Racks

DF2 roller track sections are supplied ready for immediate installation without tools.

Quick Live Storage

Quick Live Storage

It is quick to install, just a few minutes per shelf level, and no tools required. With rack beams correctly installed for the desired gradient, you position a pair of beam adaptors (on-load and off-load types) on the beams. Then the track sections are simply slotted into place. At the on-load end, roller track wheels will be flush with top of the beam. At the off-load end, the top of roller is 25mm below the beam top face to create an end-stop.

DuraFlow DF2 Beam Adaptor Profiles

DuraFlow DF2 Beam Adaptor Profiles

These profiles are manufactured from galvanised steel sheet to exactly fit the beam dimensions of your chosen rack type. The DuraFlow DF2 roller track sections then sit securely in recesses on an internal ledge formed into the adaptor.

Adaptors provide a continuous smooth outer face to the beam for location labelling.  The adaptors may be re-fitted onto any other beam of identical dimensions.

Generally only two beams are needed for each storage level for depths up to 2.5m, though with heavier loads your carton flow rack may also require a centre support.  The beams should ideally be rectangular in cross section, but adaptors can be made for certain other beam shapes, subject to detailed enquiry.

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