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FlowStore Company Values

The FlowStore Philosophy & Approach 

FlowStore Systems Ltd may be a small business, but we are proud not only of what we do but also of how we do it.

Our company values apply in every area: from developing innovative products and services, investing in our people and future workforce, to giving our customers the best possible service.

Our operating philosophies mean commitment to working to high, ethical safety and environmental standards; retaining and attracting a diverse and talented workforce; and making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.


FlowStore Employees and Core Values

Our employees are integral to our success.  

To attract and retain the best and brightest people, we aim to create a work environment in which everyone is empowered, productive, contributing, valued and happy.  

Our company values are reflected in the fact that we are a successful Employee Ownership company. FlowStore staff have a stake in the business and they share our core values and ethics; we are committed to their development and we listen to their feedback.

Responsible Business Ethics

Part of our approach to being a responsible business in the 21st century is challenging ourselves to keep raising the bar on quality and ethics and to hold ourselves accountable for the way we work.  

Our business ethics of integrity and consistently genuine service underpin all FlowStore Systems’ commercial activities and relationships.  

Our company values include concern for the environment. Recyclable materials are utilised where possible and good design allows our products to be reused.


Corporate Values and Charitable Giving

FlowStore’s corporate values see us working with a Christian organisation called “Wheels for the World”.  

Through the gift of a wheelchair, which gives new hope and freedom to children and adults alike, this charity changes the lives of disabled people and their families in developing countries, whatever their creed or culture may be.  

FlowStore also supports the Macmillan Cancer Support charity in helping people right from when they are diagnosed, through to treatment and beyond.    

Macmillan provides a constant source of support, giving people the energy and inspiration to help take back control of their lives.

Company Principles

Our company values see us aim to make a positive impact in all we do:


High standards in our commercial operations across the brands


Top quality products


Commitment to consistently good service


Commitment to our workforce


Concern for the environment


Giving back to the community


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