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Storage, Material Handling & Custom Solutions

Flowstore offer material handling, storage and custom made solutions for manufacturing, storage and distribution.

See below for our information that can be downloaded. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to phone us on (0)845 270 3633 (charged at local rate) or 020 8581 5555

Brochures and Downloads

FlowTube Catalogue – January 2020

Our new catalogue contains details and technical information about the FlowTube system for both our steel and aluminium range. FlowStore Systems has been the only dedicated UK manufacturer of carton flow systems since 1984.

Aluminium Tube Catalogue 

The latest information on the FlowTube Aluminium System which has been designed and developed to complement, not replace, the highly successful steel system which uses the international tube standard of 27.6mm diameter. 

FlowTube Design and Assembly Guide

Our 30 page comprehensive Design and Assembly Guide outlines what the FlowTube system is; when to use FlowTube; why it is ideal for a Lean Manufacturing environment. It covers our terminology; how it is supplied and more.

FlowStore Aluminium Extrusion

The smooth, clean running surface of the anodised aluminium profiles gives an aesthetically pleasing and a very modern appearance with simple, fast assembly and no fabrication necessary.

DuraFlow DF2 System

Instead of the hassle of fitting and adjusting lane guides, DF2 gives you a complete bed of rollers – so any box can go anywhere – making product packaging or container changes simple to implement.  DF2 is installed in just a few minutes. 

Modular Stage Systems Catalogue

Modular Stage Systems (MSS) is a specialist division of FlowStore. It supplies a highly versatile, competitively priced staging solution, which gives the user ultimate flexibility and can either be a stand-alone build or integrated with an existing stage.  

Modular Stage Systems Assembly Guide

FlowTube’s Modular Stage System provides highly versatile, competitive solutions in staging requirements for all occasions. It’s light, quick and easy to assemble, and can be used as a stand-alone, portable stage, or incorporated into an existing stage system. 

FlowTube Leaflet

A two-page leaflet giving you a quick overview of what FlowTube can used for, how simple it is to assemble, typical applications, and a bit about ourselves.

Safe Walk & Signs

We have a wide choice of both DuraStripe floor / aisle marking and Ergomat Safety Flooring which comply with health and safety and are perfect for a 5S, Kaizen and Lean environments. Durastripe floor signs convey a clear visual information. Easy to apply, they resist fading, smears and scuffs.

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