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Custom Design, Assembly and Delivery

Delivering On FlowStore’s Promises

Because FlowStore cares about delivering on their promises with action, we monitor our customer service performance relating to the design, assembly and delivery of your lean manufacturing or live storage project.  

Key points are


Design completion and integrity of your build


On time supply


Defect-free assembly


Operational use

Businesses rarely last for more than three decades if they fail to look after their customers and suppliers. We are proud of our delivery record, with over 97% of orders in 2021 being defect-free in matters affecting the end user.

We reach that high level of customer care by checking throughout our processes to reduce risks, problems and errors. Technical issues affecting design are reviewed at quotation and final order stages.


Before building we check drawings against the design requirements, and have built-in assembly checks. Each stage has a progress sign-off, prior to final inspection and test, when a bar-coded label is applied to individual units to ensure that they can be traced on your factory site.  

Complacency in FlowStore customer services is not allowed, so we are working on minimising the last few percent!

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