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FlowTube Aluminium System

    • Aluminium modular systems offer a high strength to weight ratio
    • Available in 3 sizes and can be used with the FlowTube’s steel system
    • Versatile use includes flow racks, trolleys, workbenches and display boards
    • Easy-clean and smooth thanks to flush connector joints option

Building Blocks for Material Handling

FlowTube Steel and Aluminium was developed with continuous improvement in mind.  From the available tube lengths and profile types to the standard hex keys used, FlowTube provides a wide range of solutions and requires no special tools for measuring, cutting or assembling.

    • Tubes and brackets are compatible with both Stainless Steel and Aluminium systems
    • Wide range of accessories
    • No special tooling required
    • Rebuild or recycle structure when finished

FlowTube Steel

FlowTube is a simple and reusable modular system made up of steel tubes, quick assembly inter-connecting joints, roller tracks and accessories.

FlowTube enables the design and build of a wide variety of custom designed structures for many different materials handling applications, including storage and assembly.

It is an extremely versatile product with a wide range of uses in manufacturing, logistics and Kaizen / 6 Sigma environments. 

Customised structures can be designed and built to address the requirements of various applications and Lean solutions, while also streamlining processes and reducing waste within organisations.

From multiple work cells down to single user benches, the flexibility of this system ensures the right design for each process.


Creating More Robust Solutions With STeel Tubes


Ideal for heavier and bigger cartons


Tubes can be selected for resistance to oils including cutting oil, corrosion and UV light


ABS Eco-Tube available in coloured finishes for branding or zoning purposes


Stainless Steel and Eco-Tube are 100% recyclable


Quickly adapt existing structures to meet new process requirements


FlowTube Aluminium

FlowTube Aluminium is our most flexible tube and bracket solution with a wide range aluminium profiles, brackets, castors and accessories to develop your own specialised material handling solution.  The Aluminium range is also compatible with FlowTube Steel structures as the same tube diameters have been used.

The Aluminium range and accessories such as roller tracks, power bars, lighting, adjustable height mechanisms and many other components allow you to develop custom flow racks, workstations, trolleys and production cells to meet your manufacturing and distribution processes.  

Using Aluminium Tube Solutions for Material Flow


Clean look for aesthetic value


High strength to weight ratio


Backwards compatible with Stainless Steel systems to extend the lifetime of FlowTube racking


Ideal for light and mobile systems, and compatible with AGVs


Wide range of tubular and square extrusions to meet your requirements

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FlowStore & Industry 4.0

Versatile and easily reconfigured, the FlowTube modular tube system is ideal to help upgrade industrial materials handling to work with Industry 4.0.

Our wide range of both plastic and metal joints allows the assembly of virtually any frame configuration, with a rigid modular framework created from connecting steel or aluminium tubes / pipes.  

Structures can be custom-designed to fit the requirements of smart factories. Our aluminum tube products lead the way as regards AGV integration applications.  The lightweight racking makes it easier for the operator and saves battery life.  

DuraFlow DF2

Our original DuraFlow live storage product, manufactured in the UK from 2006, has been replaced by a completely new design, DF2.

DF2 - flowrack

This is a cost-effective solution for converting existing pallet racking to a carton flow system, giving increased flexibility and FIFO ability.

DF2 - carton

Its densely packed bed of rollers allows different box sizes to be accommodated without needing to set up guides or re-position individual roller tracks.

DF2 - live storage

It also meets many of the requirements met by the discontinued LS2 carton flow system.

Convert Your Existing Static Racking Into Live Carton Flow For FIFO

Convert your static pallet racks and shelving systems into carton flow racks that enable a FIFO approach to inventory management


Ideal start point to begin Kaizen journey


Convert your existing live storage solution into carton flow racks


Shorter picking routes and faster picking rates


Suitable for heavy-duty requirements


No lane reconfigurations required


LS2 Carton Flow Racks

Since its introduction in 2000, the FlowStore LS2 live storage system had many applications in materials handling traditional carton flow rack systems and order picking activities.

However, we have discontinued this product because our expanding FlowTube and DuraFlow DF2 ranges now provide more adaptable and flexible solutions for modern industry and advance manufacturing.


Safe Walks and Signs Ranges

Our wide range of industrial health and safety mats cater for every environment, from retail, health care and educational settings to heavy-duty production sites.

We also offer a range of safety signs and floor tapes and graphics to provide visual management systems to communicate clearly directions, instructions and warnings.

Making Your Production Line Safer and More Ergonomic

Promote health and safety with floor marking and safety signs, and reduce upright fatigue with ergonomic flooring


Complete your production line upgrade with clear safety signs and floor markings


Suitable for manufacturing, education and healthcare


Fade-resistant floor marking tapes to help you implement your 5S requirements


Modular Stage Systems – MSS

Modular Stage Systems offers a wide range of adaptable permanent or mobile staging for use in many different environments including conferences, halls and schools. Light and easy to assemble and store, MSS uses FlowTube steel tubes, connectors and deck boards. The units can be customised and integrated into existing stages.

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