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Steel Tubes, Metal Joints, Brackets & Accessories For Lean Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Solutions

FlowTube steel tube framing system is the ideal solution for when you need the strongest profiles to carry really heavy loads in a framing system. Designed for use in almost any industrial or warehouse environment, FlowTube’s powder-coated steel profiles and frames are ABS coated. The steel tube finish on all frame profiles also provides a tough and durable surface that can withstand harsh conditions, abrasion, and impact

In addition to their durability, powder-coated steel frames offer several other benefits, including their high resistance to damage or tarnish from cutting oils, solvents, bleaches, UV light, and contact with other components.

Cost-Effective And Eco-Friendly Heavy Duty Steel Tube Framing And Accessories

Powder coating is a solvent-free process that emits negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and produces little to no waste, making it an environmentally friendly option. It is also a cost-effective solution compared to other finishes like painting, plating, or anodizing.

Furthermore, powder-coated steel tube framing system extrusions are 100% recyclable, making them a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice. With their excellent combination of durability, aesthetics, corrosion resistance, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness, powder-coated steel frames are a popular choice for a wide range of industrial and warehouse manufacturing applications.

Choose FlowTube steel framing and accessories for your heavy-duty mobile material storage and lean manufacturing needs.

FlowTube Solutions For Industry

It supports Continuous Improvement in the following ways:



FlowTube steel tubing structures are quick and easy to assemble and modify. It requires minimal special tools and training, making it ideal for shop-floor changes at point of use.



FlowTube equipment can be easily modified to improve ergonomics, add or remove features, or change dimensions for different products.



Most FlowTube steel tubing equipment can be mounted on castors so that the work area can be quickly rearranged for optimal productivity.



In the event that equipment must be completely redesigned, FlowTube structures can be easily disassembled and the parts reused.

Versatile Steel Tubing Systems

FlowTube versatile modular tube systems are simple to design, quick to assemble and completely reusable. These can be used for storage, materials handling, assembly manufacturing, distribution and industrial logistics.   

As FlowTube can be used for many different customised structures, FlowTube is a particularly useful tool for Industry 4.0 and Continuous Improvement in addition to other Lean solutions such as 5S, Visual Management, Parts Supermarkets etc.

The Versatile, Heavy-Duty Solution
That Increases Processes Efficiencies

FlowTube Steel is the ideal solution for mobile, heavy-duty material flow requirements.  FlowTube Steel and its components are used in many retail logistics warehouses and heavy manufacturing sectors such as clothing, food distribution, automotive, aerospace and industrial goods.

With many distribution and production facilities having a wide range of operating environments, FlowTube Steel is available in different finishes to support your production line requirements.

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ABS Coated


ABS coated for colour finishes for branding or zoning purposes


Ideal for heavier and bigger cartons


The coated tube is highly resistant to oils including cutting oil, corrosion and UV light



Powder coated for colour finishes for branding or zoning purposes


More cost-effective solution than coated or stainless steel


100% recyclable


The coating does not emit any toxic fumes in the event of a fire


Highly resistant to oil, UV light and corrosion

Stainless Steel


100% recyclable


Surface resistant to light abrasion or contacts with metal tools


High resistance  to oil, solvents and bleach



FlowTube Solutions


Build versatile trolleys and flow racks that can be towed by vehicles or Automatic Guide Vehicles for increased material throughput.


The option of coated steel tubes for added robustness and guard against damage and scratching.  Coated tubes can also reflect your brand colours.


FlowTube’s wide range of roller tracks allows you create quieter material flow and utilise low gradients to maximise space.

existing structures, accessories

Quickly adapt your existing structures to implement new processes using standard tools to cut and join tubes and brackets together.


Variety of tube thickness and widths to meet your heavy-duty carton handling requirements.


FlowTube’s wide selection of steel tubes and an extensive range of brackets allows you to create optimised solutions for your material flow processes.


Use standard tools to join tubes and brackets together as well as compatibility with FlowTube Aluminium tubes for greater longevity and reusability of your solutions.


For maintenance, FlowTube Steel tubes can be inspected visually for signs of wear and tear, as well as cleaned with soap and water for an easier to manage maintenance regime.


Create adjustable height workstations to provide ergonomic solutions that lead to improved wellbeing and increased productivity. Adjustable adaptation can be via hand crank or electronic adjustments.


A wide range of accessories is available such as lighting, power bars, castor wheels and dunnage bags, as well as foam rollers for impact protection in your warehouse and production facilities.

FlowTube Applications


Flow Racks

Mobile Storage Rack

Storage Racks

Lean Boards

Lean Boards

Trolley and Carts

Trolleys / Carts


Assembly Cells


Workstations / Workbenches

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