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FlowStore’s Health & Safety Policies

Health & Safety Procedures

Health and safety is a key element in FlowStore’s systems and solutions.  

We always review designs for safety, and we quality check the build process every step of the way.  

If you ask for a very narrow but tall unit, we’ll point out the stability risks.  

We’ll ask you for correct loadings on shelf levels, drawers units and worktops and state them on the drawings once we’ve reviewed them.  

We use first rate components – all our joints have ‘witness marks’ so we (and you!) can easily inspect if the tube is correctly inserted.  

Simple, regular safety inspection of our equipment is thus made easy. It’s a rare day when we have to re-work an assembled unit on site.  

It’s quality work, for quality customers, using quality methods and quality materials to ensure your health and safety. 


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