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Industry 4.0, Automatic Guided Vehicles, Self-Loading Systems

Within Industry 4.0 initiatives, the use of AGV systems (Automatic Guided Vehicles) has seen a dramatic increase, as simple manual handling becomes progressively replaced by automation techniques.

FlowStore and AGVS

FlowStore works as a partner in these smart factory applications, providing auto-load/un-load rack/trolley units (both AGV-mounted and manual). These are sometimes referred to as ‘shooter racks’.

Here the manual loading, one by one, of full containers of new parts for assembly into a line-side flow rack, is replaced by a partly-mechanised interface trolley.

The trolley is carried by an AGV to the desired location, where it engages with a matching line-side rack. The act of engagement releases the new containers to flow into the line-side rack in a single movement.

At the same time, empty containers from the assembly rack are released and flow by themselves into the AGV trolley.

With the ever-reducing cost of very smart AGV units, the tedious work of correctly replenishing an assembly station is made fast and simple.

This is just one of the ways in which FlowStore – and the FlowTube range of reconfigurable modules – offers the ideal platform for industries gearing towards Industry 4.0 solutions in order to improve efficiency and profitability.


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