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Carton Live Storage

The ergonomically designed FlowStore LS2 carton live storage system offered a top solution for parts or order picking applications. FlowStore had been a dedicated UK manufacturer of traditional carton flow rack systems since 1984, and when we introduced LS2 in 2000, it became a market leader.

However, the market place has changed considerably in the last 10 years. We have seen a huge growth in the use of tubular construction systems for solving all kinds of live storage, assembly and production line requirements.

Since 2005, our own product FlowTube has changed from being a relatively small part of our range to become easily the top product area, due to its versatility and re-usability.

It’s therefore natural that as one product grows, another declines.  Production volumes of LS2 don’t justify its continuing availability. LS2 can really only be used for flow racks, but industry requires more versatility and recyclability. FlowTube offers this in every aspect.


FlowTube and DuraFlow DF2

There are now growing areas of application for robotics and automation in Industry 4.0 to which FlowTube can also be applicable.    

Consequently LS2 is now withdrawn from manufacture to concentrate investment into FlowTube applications. Some spares components may be available for a very limited period, but in some cases are already no longer available.  

However, our new DuraFlow DF2 provides an alternative solution for many rack-based carton live storage applications for hand-loaded goods.  

It’s natural that products reach a point where costs, market conditions and manufacturing changes mean that changes have to be made. Our track record at FlowStore Systems over more than 30 years shows that we are not afraid to innovate in order to adapt to circumstances.

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