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Making parts flow: an incredible journey    

by | Dec 12, 2023 | General | 0 comments

Here at Flowstore we pride ourselves as being a lean manufacturing product solutions company, offering a wide variety of concepts, and products to increase the flow of products for our customers.

Flow Racking and Benches enhance our Operative’s Efficiency

These may be a flow rack to present products to the pick face, increasing accuracy of the picks, reducing time of the picks and creating an enhanced workspace for the operative.

Our benches work the same way, through consultation and evaluation we create bespoke workbenches to again increase accuracy, manage space more efficiently therefore increasing productivity and satisfaction of the operative and company.

Bespoke Trolley Solutions bring flexibility

Our trolley solutions allow Flowstore to utilise our products to their full potential, we are often asked “can you “or “could we have “, usually with the answer being yes, we can create a bespoke item to solve a problem, increase flow, reduce time and enhance the working output of the trolley.

A Case Study in Problem Solving

One of our customers recently identified through a Kaizen event that hardware which was prepped for refurbishment had one section that went to to the first station for treatment but was split into three sections, going in different directions in the factory then rejoining as one part for final mutual treatment before returning for re installation.

We worked with our customer to create a three in one trolley solution, this now allows the company to position the part in its three sections in the trolley, to transport the items as one to the first part of the process where they all have the same treatment then split the trolley into its three individual sections to transport to various locations for treatment then to re group as one trolley to finish its journey to the final stage.

Flowstore delivers solutions 

Can we create the impossible, possibly not but you may have a flow concern that we can work with you on to enhance productivity and flow to create a solution.

It would be our pleasure to work with you on your project to enhance productivity, reduce time in production whilst creating efficiencies both for your teams and company.

Contact the FlowStore team today.