Portable Modular Staging System

Modular Stage Systems (MSS) is a specialist division of FlowStore. It supplies a highly versatile, competitively priced staging solution, which gives the user ultimate flexibility and can either be a stand-alone build or integrated with an existing stage.  

Temporary or permanent, our portable stages are used by schools, theatre groups, marketing and exhibition organisations, universities, churches, religious centres, social organisations, industrial users and others. 

The stages are manufactured mainly from our standard FlowTube components.

Portable Staging

Strong and safe but easy to assemble, our stages are simple and quick to put together, and compact to store and move on special trolleys, including our patented transformer trolley*.

Modular Staging Design

From a simple podium to the most complicated configuration, you can design your own stage layout using our range of 13 different module heights, complete with your choice of accessories. Both non-slip and carpeted deck boards are available, plus a choice of colour for the tubes.  

Alternatively standard modular staging kits are available in various sizes, for both single-level and multi-level use.

Custom Staging With MSS

The flexible modular tube assembly system also allows you to choose certain other custom heights and special module sizes where required.

A variety of accessories, including ramps, guard rails, step units, and back-drop frames enable customised applications to be provided, including tiered seating arrangements.

This makes our Modular Stage Systems (MSS) suitable for a wide range of different functions and environments, such as outdoor platforms for special events, exhibitions and even a fashion runway. These are in addition to us as a school stage, church stage, concert or theatrical stage.

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I had emailed John but happy to reiterate our delight with the product and service from you.

We were pleased with all meetings with John, he was very approachable and knowledgeable. We were impressed with John’s demonstration of the product. He stuck to all the meetings and the deadline for when we needed the stage was on time too.

He came and showed us how to set the stage up and we were amazed at how quickly it was put together.  We used it the very next day for an event with ease. Thank you again for a great product and John is an asset to your Company and a pleasure to deal with. We will recommend you to anyone needing a stage.


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