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Other Components

FlowStore carries a range of industrial and commercial equipment assemblage components – custom designed to be fitted to FlowStore’s aluminium extrusion profiles. These include angle clamps (with locking levels), non-slip plates, connection plates, non-detachable combi plates, hinges and hinge pins, hinge wings, self-aligning T-slot nuts and threaded rods for levelling feet.

FlowStores precision components are durable, functional and easy to use in assembly. Like other FlowTube components, they are designed to promote lean manufacturing principles in industrial applications. They also deliver the best value to you, the customer. No need to source these components elsewhere, and risk compromising your workflow equipment, material handling custom design or commercial installations with inferior components or components that don’t align exactly with FlowStore’s aluminium extrusions.

Components For Creating Custom Precision Materials Handling Equipment

Create the precise materials handling flowracks and other production line equipment with FlowStore’s precision components.

Innovative industrial and commercial solutions that work depend as much on the small components you use to link, align, install or join extrusions and extruded profiles, as they do on the extrusions and other larger equipment and structure building blocks.

Whatever you want to do or custom-build with FlowStore’s FlowTube materials handling equipment parts, we have the exact industrial and commercial components you need. Ergonomic solutions for your industrial, manufacturing or commercial needs are at your fingertips at FlowStore.

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