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Modular Stages

Modular stages are exceptionally versatile solutions for any situation requiring a stage, multi-level seating, a podium, or a catwalk. 

Modular stages for industrial and commercial use come in a variety of designs, with between 9 and 40 modules per modular stage pack. Each modular stage pack comes with a variety of aluminium connectors and extrusions, in lengths ranging from 20 – 100 mm. The modules can be assembled in multiple layouts to create the ideal modular stage for your needs and the space you have. 

Turn a Space Into a Venue With Modular Stage Platforms

Modular stage platform packs can help you turn any space into a venue. Flowstore’s portable modular stages can be set up anywhere, indoors or outdoors, in warehouses, factories, offices, gardens or in marquees. No more need to hire a conference venue or hall for your presentation, speech, prize-giving or performance. 

Easy and quick to assemble, and just as easy to take down, Flowstore’s modular stages offer the ideal temporary stage or permanent stage installation. They can be used as stand-alone stages or added to an existing stage set-up. 

Durable and sturdy, with non-slip surfaces and optional guardrails and skirtings (perfect for storing bits and bobs out of sight), Flowstore’s modular stage platforms are not only functional; they are also sleek, modern and good-looking. 

Modular stage components come packed in an easy-to-move transformer trolley, which you can then also use to store unused modules, extrusions and connectors.