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Custom Materials Handling Solutions

FlowTube Steel and Aluminium was developed for continuous improvement of material flow in the supply chain management.  From the available tube lengths and profile types to the standard hex keys used, FlowTube provides a wide range of solutions and requires no special tools for measuring, cutting or assembling.


Wide range of accessories


No special tooling required


Rebuild or recycle structure when finished

Gravity Flow Racks

Take your warehouse manufacturing processes to a new level of efficiency with FlowsStore’s gravity flow racks.

Gravity flow storage racks increase storage capacity and improve efficiency. Designed to maximise storage space for warehouse manufacturing materials, gravity flow racks offer high-density storage for gravity flow systems.

FlowStore’s lean manufacturing-inspired gravity flow storage racks also make it easier than ever for production-line workers to access goods safely and quickly. The rack does all the work of reorganising materials from front to back instead of your workers, with fundamental overall increases in efficiency and production flow.

Inventory Management and Lean Manufacturing with Flow Racks

Another crucial benefit in some commercial warehouse applications is inventory management. Gravity flow racks can be customised to ensure that older goods, or goods with an expiry date, are used first. This reduces wastage and ensures product quality and safety.

Equipment such as gravity flow racks works along lean manufacturing principles by minimising human involvement and error, time wastage, wasted space and defects. At the same time, the storage, organisation, efficiency and inventory solutions offered by gravity flow racks contribute significantly to maximising production speed, output and ultimately value for the customer.

FlowStore’s gravity flow racks offer energy-efficient and money-saving materials handling and storage solutions to streamline any industrial or commercial warehouse operation.

Warehouse Workstations

FlowStore’s warehouse workstations are more than just workbenches. FlowStore’s FlowTube components are applied with the tenets of lean manufacturing to produce workstations you can easily adjust and adapt as needed.

FlowStore’s height-adjustable workstations can raise or lower the work surface for each individual worker using the workstation. Workstations can also be modified for different tasks or customized for specific product lines.

To really understand the concept behind FlowStore’s workstations, you need to know what’s behind it: Lean Manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is based on the ideals of flow, elimination of waste and defects, harnessing employee potential, and greater value for the customer. All FlowStores products are made with those ideals in mind, but our workstations are where you can really harness the full potential of your human personnel too. So FlowStore’s workstations are a bit special. And we can make them special to you too. The perfect solution for old warehouse workbench woes.


Ergonomic Warehouse Workstations For Better Productivity

FlowStore’s custom built workstations are the ergonomic solution to solve your process problems – not just today but in the future as the process changes. The benefits? Improved productivity, happier, motivated engineers, and an adaptable production line in easy, uninterrupted flow.

Other key benefits of FlowStore’s FlowTube warehouse workstations include dedicated lighting and signage. However, the modular design that makes customization and adaptation easy, offers innumerable potential benefits for each customer, their engineers and production line workers and their production flow.

Warehouse Trolleys

FlowStore’s warehouse trolleys are designed for your application – custom made with modular steel or aluminium components to allow easy modifications should your process change

Like all FlowStore’s materials handling products, our warehouse trolleys are designed with you, our customer, in mind. Developed to offer superior warehouse workflow solutions, our trolleys and carts can be modified to optimise their functionality for each customer and application. This will in turn optimise production flow and minimise parts handling – the latter having been identified as a major contributor to time wastage and defects.

From Kitting Trolleys To Picking Trolleys And Reel Trolleys

FlowStore’s range of warehouse trolleys and carts will save you money. Kitting trolleys improve your operations by both transporting and storing raw materials and sub-assemblies (or kit components) in an uninterrupted production flow. Picking trolleys can be quickly modified for any picking requirements to keep the production line going when changes are made. 

If you are looking for the benefits of lean manufacturing processes, FlowStore’s durable and versatile warehouse trolley and carts offer the custom materials handling solutions you have been looking for – for your custom warehouse operations.

Storage Racks

Customise your storage racks to meet your material flow requirements.  As processes change, simply adapt or redesign the existing storage rack by changing the angle of rollers, height of shelves or increase the storage depth and height.

Key Benefits


Create shelving space designed for different sized cartons


Add dedicated lighting or signage for Kanban system


Mix static and roller shelve to provide complete material storage


Display Boards and PC Stations

Display boards can be used to show control towers highlighting picking and assembly line performance.  PC stations can be used to enter live updates into company systems to update stocks and delivery schedules.

Key Benefits


Design size to display all measured KPI’s


Integrate storage and monitor screens for digital displays


Quickly increase or decrease the size of display boards installations for internal feedback or test new KPI’s.

Custom Materials Handling Solutions

FlowStore offers versatile solutions for improving material flow solutions in production and supply chain management.

We offer a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and commercial material flow solutions, as well modular storage, display solutions and production solutions. We can supply any solution you need for your operations. Any design and any components required for that design and self-assembly of your custom solutions.

Custom Ergonomic and Automated Material Handling Solutions

Our customised material handling solutions for industrial and commercial applications include:


Display boards and PC stations that can improve control tower visibility for assembly line performance and provide live updates into the company’s systems to update stock and delivery schedules.


Gravity flow racks to improve stock movement, inventory, production flow and storage efficiency.


Workbenches that can be easily modified to suit new tasks.


Trolleys and carts that can be customised to improve picking processes and reduce time wastage.


Robotics / automated systems


Software – for controls from conveyor to sortation


These are just some of the custom solutions for materials handling equipment FlowStore can offer. FlowTube Steel and Aluminium extrusions and assembly products provide an affordable, versatile, and practical packages for improving material flow and storage. With the ability to customize solutions for your specific needs, you can streamline your supply chain management, optimize your warehouse, and meet your own lean manufacturing objectives with our materials handling solutions.

Stock and Kits

If you like to conceptualise and build solutions within your team, then our stock solution is ideal for you.  You order standard components from us and simply cut tubes to size, make your rack with your dimensions and then assemble the final shelving/carton flow elements.
Alternatively, we can design, cut and deliver solutions for you to assemple in kit form.

Key Benefits


Adopting a truly continuous improvement strategy


Full training for your design and build offered upon request


No special tools required

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