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Social Distancing Solutions

With social distancing set to continue as businesses begin to open up during the COVID-19 pandemic, we can help you ensure your sites are compliant with workplace guidelines issued by the government.   Workplaces are now planning for how to reopen sites and social distancing screens will play a vital role in meeting guidelines as companies look for solutions on how to operate production lines and warehouses efficiently with the recommended 2 metres or some form of distancing.

Protective social distancing screens create a physical barrier between people allowing staff to work safely and communicate with colleagues at adjoining workstations.  This allows processes to be tweaked for greater distance between people instead of a complete redesign.  These screens are built using FlowTube Aluminium and clear plastic panels to create a strong and robust screen that is light enough to move around as processes are adjusted.  

We can design modular social distancing screens that can adapt to your onsite requirements.

Our range of social distancing screen can be made with a variety of screen materials.


Social Distancing Screens For Desks

With desks typically providing less than 2m distances from other colleagues, social distancing screens can create a physical barrier without reducing actual desk space and without removing the social element of offices.


Mobile Social Distancing Screens

On Castors

Mounting social distancing screens on castors allows you to adapt work spaces quickly or create screened bays for customers that can be move as guidelines change.


No Castors

For spaces where screens will be fixed for a longer period of time, social distancing screens without castors are ideal to stop screens being moved.


Modular Mobile Social Distancing Screens

Our social distancing screens are custom built to suit any application, from retail counter to machine guarding we can design and manufacture a bespoke solution for your environment.

With workers regularly moving around a space to different stations and equipment, it is difficult to shield all areas.  Modular social distancing screens can also be used to screen conveyor lines to protect components and assembled units in a factory, or food and medicine in a packaging facility as they move from one station to the next.

Cleaning Stations For The Workplace

As the focus on cleanliness in the workplace increases, one of the biggest challenges is finding all cleaning equipment. Often they are left in the last place used, or the brush is missing from the pan. Mobile cleaning stations allow all cleaning equipment to be wheeled to the clean up area and easily moved back to its storage place.

Mobile Cleaning Stations

Mobile cleaning stations are ideal for large workspaces and areas of high traffic. The ability to move cleaning equipment to the area allows cleaning stations to be moved from one station to the next station to maintain cleaning schedules.

Mobile Lean Cleaning Stations With Position Markers

Mobile cleaning stations with position markers ensure all cleaning tools are put back in the same place for anyone to find.  In large spaces, or spaces with frequent clean-ups, mobility and position markers allows cleaning stations to be used and all cleaning tools to be put back in the same place and position each time.


Temporary Gates and Storage Rooms

Temporary structures allow sites to quickly adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic by building barriers and entrances to control the flow of people and maintain social distancing.

Control Traffic Flow With Temporary Gates

As sites begin to open, some have large entrances that used to enter and exit buildings.  These make social distancing and controlling entry difficult.  Building temporary gates allow you to control entry into the building with a physical barrier.  This allows sites to create a checkpoint to ensure only authorised personnel are entering, whilst allowing people to still exit the building.

Temporary Storage

Creating temporary storage on site allows PPE and hygiene equipment to be stored in one place, or to hide equipment no longer in use whilst social distancing measures are in place.  Built with robust lightweight aluminium tubes, the temporary storage room can be moved as sites continue to adjust their workplaces.


Social Distancing Flooring and Markings

To help with social distancing measures in place, FlowStore have a range of signage available to create visual awareness for maintaining social distancing, traffic flow, hygiene and PPE requirements.


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