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Why do our customers work with us to find solutions?

by | Feb 14, 2024 | General | 0 comments

We asked some of our customers why they worked with Flowstore to find solutions to problems they were facing, this is what they said.

What issues were you experiencing that you wished to solve/ improve upon?

On a daily basis we were faced with space restrictions. This would vary between the amount of inbound volume arriving and having very limited space to hold it. Large items coming through the operation causing added space challenges. Lack of space to work on inbound for delivery processing and put away. We also had a tight despatch space which created an environment that was tricky to manage on all fronts. Moving forward with investment from the Barcode Warehouse, the desire was to find a flow operationally where no two parts of the operation crossed paths. We remapped structurally the area and with the support of Flowstore, we added the user workstations to take us forward into our new operational layout.


What Flowstore solutions have you implemented to drive improvements on-site?

In our partnering with Flowstore, we have implemented workstations in the goods in area, returns area and 3 x despatch lanes. The workstations are electric so can be raised and lowered to suit each colleague working in that station. The stations have screen mounts, gun docks, paperwork holders and more making them a very versatile workstation offering our colleagues everything they need to do their job. With having 3 despatch lanes, this allows for order flow to be driven down specific lanes so as a manager, I know where all types of orders are at any one time.


Do you have any metrics of how the Flowstore solutions have helped improve your process flow/throughput?

We are currently gathering the data year on year, but I can state this, the operation flow of work through our customer fulfilment operation has 100% improved. We have the ability to triple our throughput in the operation which was the aspiration at the start of the project. As a business, as we continue to grow our sales, we have a facility which is very much ready to handle the extra volume. Operational days that used to be hectic and very busy, are now much more organised, problem free and slick.

Was there anything in particular about working with Flowstore you found positive?

Working alongside Dan Nash made this whole project very simple. Always available to quickly visit on-site and discuss options, offer alternative suggestions, provide drawings to show what ideas would look like and more, the whole process was simple, hassle free and personable. Even after the point of sign off, any last-minute tweaks that were required were done hassle free and as a customer, I could not be happier.